Roodekrans Streetwise Krav Maga

Roodekrans Krav Maga teaches Israeli Self Defense.
We teach Close Quarter Combat, Knife and gun Defense and disarm techniques as well as various techniques how to defend you against blunt instruments used in an attack.




We are situated in Roodekrans. 

Roodekrans Krav Maga offers Krav Maga self-defense training to students in the Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Ruimsig and Muldersdrift area.


Our focus is to teach you self defense for South African conditions and we have identified 25 of the most common street and school attacks and we focus our curriculum so that you will be able to learn techniques to combat these type of attacks. We promote avoidance rather than fighting, but we teach you to finish the fight quickly when we are faced with violence.

South Africa has become violent and corrupt. We as citizens need to be able to adjust to the violent nature of our country and at Roodekrans Streetwise Krav Maga as a novice student you are able to train and become streetwise to assist in overcoming  these violent times.

After one year of training you will be in the intermediate and advance Streetwise Krav Maga classes and as student of Krav Maga you will be able to walk the street with confidence and feel empowered.



November 2019 Grading

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Xmas free self defense training

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Easy To Learn

We use teach self defense techniques that can be applied to many situations. Novice students, lacking any previous martial art experience, are often surprised at how easy the self defense techniques are and how quickly they progress. We have had many students that have experienced violent confrontations where they successfully defended themselves. Krav Maga uses instinctive reactions and we create techniques that are easy for the student to learn. Students develops muscle memory gained from doing these techniques numerous times and students will learn to combat their way out of very bad violent situations.

In our self defense training we use rubber knives, guns, sticks, baseball bats,  and we act out realistic street scenarios where we teach our students to become street wise. The students have a good time and walk away feeling empowered.

Some training


First class is free. We offer a number of classes a week, they are:

Adult and Kids Beginners:

  • Monday & Wednesdays - 08h00 to 09H00
  • Monday & Wednesdays - 18h00 to 19H00


  • Class cost is R550 per person per month
  • 1st month R700 includes annual joining fee per person and includes a Roodekrans Krav Maga T-shirt. (no monthly fee required in first month)
  • There are family fee discounts - R50 per person discount
  • you are welcome to train in any of the beginners classes
    • Mon & Wed morning (08H00 to 09H00)
    • Mon & Wed evening   (18H00 to 19H00)
    • beginners are also allowed to train in the Monday & Wednesday intermediate class that starts at 19H00.