Don’t be a victim


The predator is looking for a victim who is unaware, preoccupied and easy to ambush. By becoming more aware of your surroundings, you not only increase the odds of detecting a potential predator, but you project an image of vigilance.  This in itself can eliminate you from the selection process.

Get self defense training:

Krav Maga training actually reduces the likelihood of having to defend yourself. Learn all you can about confrontational situations and develop skills to deal with them. Krav Maga is 80% avoidance and 20% confrontation. We teach you how to avoid certain situations. But when reaction is required we finish it off as quick as possible with minimum injury to ourselves.


Get into shape:

Your level of fitness impacts your ability to defend yourself.  If you are attacked, your ability to run away or fight off an attacker is dramatically impacted by your physical condition. Secondly, a strong, coordinated and balanced body will automatically project the quality of movement of a non-victim. Fitness impacts your personality in a positive way.  The increased self-esteem, confidence and emotional toughness that results from being in good shape are non-victim qualities that predators want to avoid.


Knowledge is power:

Knowing what to avoid and how to behave in certain environments will be an advantage to you. Confidence is a non-victim quality. Research about about self-defense and protecting yourself. Plan and build scenarios in your head where you might be attacked or confronted, how to avoid them, and how to respond if they do happen.

The most dangerous attitude threatening your personal safety is the “It will never happen to me” Syndrome.  The fact that you are reading this post already puts you well ahead in the “non-victim game.”


Preparation Equals Prevention

People are drawn to Krav Maga classes for a variety reasons.

  • Because they have been attacked
  • A neighbor was attacked
  • News clips are showing attacks
  • Maybe they’ve been harassed or victimized in the past.
  • We live in times of fear
  • We are all born with the need for safety and security in life.  It’s as fundamental as our need for food and shelter.


In Search of Safety

Many people turn to Krav Maga and martial arts classes to address their safety and security concerns.  It is well know that quality self-defense training builds skill, fitness and self-confidence. People who train soon become more comfortable with the idea of standing up to harassment and confrontation. They become more confidant in their abilities, more aware of their surroundings and the options available to deal with volatile situations. They become more aware of not being seen as an easy target. They begin to prepare themselves for the “next time” they are harassed or confronted.   Armed with their new-found knowledge and skills, they’ll know what to do and be ready, willing and able to do it.

To become a non-victim you must have the attitude, athleticism, training and awareness.  This will ensure predators will unconsciously know you are a high risk and that you are less likely to be taken by surprise and can and will fight back.

Krav Maga training develops the no-nonsense qualities and body language that discourage victim selection and projects a “don’t mess with me” personality.