Free Community Self-Defense Training 2019

Starting December 2nd Roodekrans Krav Maga will offer 4 classes for adults & kids 10 years and older absolutely free. We are continuing our successful free self defense Xmas gift to the community.

Last year we had a number people attending our free self-defense training. You again have an opportunity to discover and experience Krav Maga self-defense martial art. Krav Maga is the most practical, functional self-defense system in the world today! We at Roodekrans Krav Maga believe that prevention is better than  cure and everyone should learn some basic self-protection skills. Learn how to remove a gun from an attacker, block knife attacks, do close quarter combat and what to do when the fight goes to the ground.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga uses practical self proven defense techniques against weapons, holds, grabs, and how to deal with multiple attackers whether you are standing or on the ground. Krav Maga has fast become known as the most effective and practical self defense system in the world.  It’s so easy to learn you’ll be safer and better able to protect yourself and your loved ones in no time.


Starting on December 2nd, 2019 there will be 4 free classes and these will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18H00. In these classes we focus on awareness and teaching avoidance and conflict resolution. Violence is our last resort. We shall teach you how to block and effectively attack. The 4x classes have been designed as follow:

  • 1st Monday class -  - awareness, avoidance and basic close quarter combat
  • 1st Wednesday class -  - basic ground fighting and defense, escalation.
  • 2nd Monday class -  - awareness- avoidance, basic knife defense and basic knife fighting
  • 2nd Wednesday class - - awareness- avoidance, basic gun defense.

Roodekrans Kids Krav Maga