Roodekrans Krav Maga for Kids Self Defense

Kids Krav 7

Class times: 10 years and older train with adults

Mondays and Wednesdays:
Beginners    18H00 to 19H00

   First Class is Free




What do we teach

Roodekrans Kids Krav MagaKrav Maga kids combat principles start with avoidance. We apply the 80:20 rule. 80% avoidance through developing awareness and posture (houding – don’t mess with me) and 20% effective, efficient and intelligent combatting if required and then react only if pushed to the extreme.

Kids Krav Maga provide tools to avoid or combat slaps, punches, kicks, shirt grabbing, neck grabbing, choking, attempts to throw to the ground and how to deal with the situation if thrown to the ground. Children also learn important skills such as break-falling and rolling that will assist them to get away unharmed from falls in different situations whether static (standing) or in motion (walking, running, cycling, etc.).



Combatting Abuse

Kids Krav 4Another important aspect for children is dealing with situations in which they might be attacked by adults (criminal assault or sexual abuse). Training the children to recognize possible danger situations, what is the best way to avoid them and if need be, how to protect themselves in the event of physical contact.  Self-defence in these cases is based on using the element of surprise combined with a strong and accurate blow to a vulnerable body part, making an escape, ask for help and report to their parents about the incident.





Developing confidence

Kids Krav 6The training process for kids and youth also places emphasis on the development of important personality traits such as: restraint, self-discipline, courage, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions in stressful situations and the understanding of when to use the acquired knowledge.





Who teaches

The Training is carried out by qualified instructors who have gone through specific training for this unique population. The training is conducted in a controlled environment, using the right protective gear, maintaining the highest safety measures in order to prevent injury of the trainees during lessons. Instructors are Deon Smit (Chief Instructor Streetwise Krav Maga, Sharle Vermaak Black Belt Krav Maga & Qualified Fitness instructor, Petra Smit Black Belt Krav Maga & 4th Dan Black Belt Karate



At the Roodekrans Krav Maga Dojo: