25 most common street attacks

street attack2

I have listed the most common street attacks happening daily in South Africa or for that matter also in the rest of the world. We live in violent times, are you able to defend yourself successfully when confronted with any of these attacks? Where can you learn to defend yourself against these attacks?

Most Common Street Attacks in South Africa

  • Rape
  • Car-jacking with pointing gun (traffic lights/drive way)
  • Gun to head
  • Ice-pick knife attack
  • Stabbing knife attack to stomach and chest
  • A swinging-palooka punch to the head.
  • Straight punch to head
  • Wrist grab with head butt or punch
  • ATM robberies, gun and knife from behind
  • Muggings – multiple attackers stealing cell phone, money or jewellery.
  • Attacker pushing hands to chest, which is normally followed by the pushee striking palooka punch to head.
  • A front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to the head or head butt.
  • A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a knee to the groin.
  • A bottle, glass, or ashtray to the head.
  • Kick to groin.
  • A broken bottle/glass jabbed to face.
  • A slash with knife
  • A grappling style head lock.
  • rushing tackle from close range
  • Knife to throat – hold up

Read the horrible South African crime statistics below:

RSA Crime statistics – 2015/16

  • murder is recorded on average 51.2 times a day.
  • sexual offences an average of 142.2 per day or almost 6 per hour
  • 452 people were victims of common assault every day in South Africa in 2015/16
  • On average 148.2 common robberies were recorded each day.
  • An average 147.4 cars or motorcycles were stolen each day

Don’t become a statistic

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Credit to Mail Online for photo of street attack